3 Unusual Ways to Decrease Breast Cancer Risk

Since this is breast cancer awareness month, I thought it would be a great time to discuss preventative measures! Here are 3 things you can do to decrease your risk of developing breast cancer.

Opt for bras with no underwire

Don’t wear a bra. That’s right, the longer time you spend wearing a bra, the greater your risk of developing breast cancer. So go without whenever you can. Women who regularly wear their bra to bed have a 125-fold increased risk of breast cancer compared to women who never wear a bra! The thought behind this is that your bra is restricting flow of the lymph system. This system helps clear out toxins and disease, and if this is blocked up by a bra, you may be keeping toxins in your breast tissue. Having a properly fitted bra that isn’t too tight is also helpful. Underwire (especially metal) bras could be the most dangerous. So go without whenever you can, choose bras without underwires that aren’t too tight, and if you must have an underwire choose plastic over metal.

Choose natural cosmetic ingredients such as cocoa butter

Don’t use deodorant. That’s right, conventional deodorants contain all kinds of unpleasant ingredients such as aluminum which builds up in your body and can bind to estrogen receptors, mimicking estrogen. Deodorants also contain parabens which are used as preservatives and have estrogen like effects. One small study found parabens  in 99% of breast cancer patients’ breast tissue. Now this doesn’t necessarily prove a cause and effect association, however, it’s enough information to make me stop and question the use of parabens. Many cosmetics ingredients haven’t been fully tested and may have carcinogenic effects. If you can’t go completely without, there are natural deodorants on the market that don’t contain these questionable ingredients. I have yet to find one that works great for me, so am currently doing some research and experimenting on myself until I find a safe formula that is actually effective!

Promoting natural cosmetics at a health fair

Limit mammograms. Mammograms prevent breast cancer, right? Well, actually they emit radiation (1000 times that of a chest x-ray) so they cause cancer – especially if you are already high risk for breast cancer (which is when they recommend more frequent mammograms)! Pre-menopausal breast tissue is even more sensitive to radiation, so mammograms before the age of 50 are especially dangerous. And if you do have cancerous cells, the squishing of breast tissue during a mammogram will help to spread these cells. Thermography is the way to go. It will tell you much sooner if there are issues starting – soon enough that you may be able to make lifestyle changes and fix the problem. Thermography shows inflammation, which is a precursor to cancer. It is noninvasive and doesn’t emit radiation. If there are issues on thermography, then there are next steps you can take such as MRI. The problem is, since mammograms are the standard of care, that is what is covered by insurance and thermography will most likely have to be paid out of pocket (although it is not too expensive).

Remember, cancer is unfortunately big business, and instead of educating the public on potential causes of cancer such as chemicals and toxins in our environment (including right in our deodorant!), as well as the dangers of radiation, companies keep pushing for these dangerous procedures and supporting big drug companies that make chemotherapeutic medications (which also CAUSE cancer). Before you support an “anti” cancer company, take a look at where their finances are going and decide if they really deserve your support.


2 thoughts on “3 Unusual Ways to Decrease Breast Cancer Risk

  1. Good advice. I would also really stress that thermography is a much, much smarter, safer and more effective method at detecting breast abnormalities – up to 15 years before a tumor begins! I just had my first thermograph and couldn’t be happier with the process and the results. (I had decided long ago, based on research, that I would never buy into the mammogram sham.)

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