There’s No Place Like Om

Meditation means “a cessation of the thought process.”  Mediation masters from India have been known to regulate their autonomic functions such as heart rate while in a meditative state.

In Goa, India – a great place to be at peace with nature

There are many health benefits of mediation including:

Lower heart rates at rest

Lower blood pressure

Stabilization or improvement in heart disease

Less oxygen required by the body

Reduced stress and anxiety, which can be measured by reduced muscle tension and lactate levels in the blood

Reduced chronic pain

Improvement in drug and alcohol addiction

Meditation among the red rocks of Sedona

Mediation produces changes in alpha and theta brain activity resulting in relaxation, creativity, concentration, heightened mental functioning, pleasure, happiness, and joy.

Taking a minute to meditate while in India

How to get started

In order to clear your mind, it is important to remove distractions – choose a quiet place

Sit in a comfortable position

Close your eyes

Focus on your breathing – breathe naturally but focus on becoming aware of your breath

It is normal for your mind to wander to different thoughts – you are becoming aware of how active your mind is

Bring your thoughts back to your breath each time you feel them wander

Breathing meditations are the most simple and a good place to start.  You can experiment with more complex meditations as you get used to the process.  Some choose to meditate for relaxation; others use it as a way to look within for answers.  There are guided meditations you can listen to that will instruct you on different meditation techniques.

An early morning hike up to this waterfall to bathe (after sleeping in a mud hut), followed by some meditation makes for a wonderful morning in Goa, India!

The stressful modern world is hectic and meditation can help relieve some stress and give you a clear head.  Meditation can help you develop positive thoughts, so give it a try!


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