Tina’s 7 Tips for a Healthier Life

I chose seven tips you can easily fit in to your busy life to work toward a healthier you.

Drink plenty of water after waking. Your body is busy detoxifying while you sleep, so help it out by flushing those toxins away. Drinking water before you eat will also help you feel fuller and eat less. Sometimes we mistake thirst for hunger and eat more when we are dehydrated.

Warm lemon water

Add ginger and/or lemon to that first glass of water of the day. I like to warm the water if it’s cold out. Ginger is full of antioxidants and a great detoxifier. Lemon has vitamin C to give your immune system an extra boost and also helps you detoxify.

Fresh ginger

Add (a generous helping of) vegetables to every meal. If you are being filled with vegetables, there is less room for other foods. Vegetables are not very calorically dense, and filled with vitamins and minerals – so fill up! There is debate on vegan diets vs. paleo diets, but I think we can all agree veggies are good for you, and more veggies means less dairy, meat, and carbs.

Spinach is great added to almost anything – especially eggs in the morning!

Can’t find/afford organic? Add 30 drops of grapefruit seed extract to a sink full of water and soak produce. This will help wash off any pesticides. Click here to take a look at my blog discussing eating organic on a budget to find foods that are most important to buy organic when possible.

Dancing in DC. Hey, a girl’s night out can be a great way to get some exercise in!

Exercise in a way that is fun so you stick with it. Make exercise a social event, a time to meet up with a close friend so that it is something you look forward to. Or incorporate it into your daily life – such as walking or biking to work – you can’t really back out of your bike ride after work if you have no other way to get home. Exercise has been shown to help with depression, anxiety, and stress (which has a really negative impact on your health), to name just a few.

Whole Foods in Farmington Hills, Michigan

Eat local. Eating organic is important, however, the less your food has to travel, the better for the environment (and usually your pocketbook), so support your local economy when you can, especially when organic practices are used. This is also important from an animal cruelty standpoint. When you buy free range eggs from a huge company and don’t really know where they are coming from, the “free range” can be a marketing term that simply means there is a tiny door for chickens to get out of but they are too cramped to really move. If you buy locally and actually go visit the farm you are buying animal products from, you can see firsthand how the animals live and ask intimate questions.

Adding parsley to my veggie falafels

Spice up your life. There are health benefits to many spices and herbs. Plus, if you are adding spices, it’s a safe bet you are preparing meals using whole foods, not out of a box. Adding spices adds flavor with hardly any calories. Turmeric has been shown to prevent cancer as well as help with various inflammatory conditions such as arthritis. Parsley is a great detoxifier. Cinnamon has been shown to help regulate blood sugar. Basil has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Cayenne enhances circulation and improves memory. The list goes on and on.

Teas and spices from a street vendor in Goa, India

Integrate these seven easy tips into your daily life and you will be well on your way to a healthier life!

2 thoughts on “Tina’s 7 Tips for a Healthier Life

  1. Thanks for listing all these great suggestions to a better life; have to say that I do 99 percent of what you put down, and my life has becomes better by the day:)


  2. Great post. I’m totally with you on not entering the paleo /vegan debate except to say that veggies are GREAT for you. Didn’t know that grapefruit seed extract will help wash away pesticides. Fabulous tip. Thanks!

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