Fukushima – Is the Danger Over?

Heard about the disaster at Fukushima lately? It doesn’t seem to be in the news anymore, but does that mean the danger is over? Is there a risk to the west coast that you may not be aware of?

Beautiful west coast, southern California

When the disaster at the nuclear plant occurred, the Japanese government increased the “safe” amount of radiation exposure from 1 millisieverts per year to 20 millisieverts! This number is for both adults and children. A study of over 400,000 nuclear plant workers from various different countries showed that cancer risk increases when you reach 2 millisieverts per year. So when the media reports about “safe” radiation levels – how safe is it really?

Children are more prone to side effects of radiation since their cells are rapidly dividing. Abnormal thyroid growths have become commonplace in children of Fukushima.

There are reports of Fukushima clean-up crews falsifying data. For example, using lead boxes to make radiation readings lower than they actually are.

If we don’t really know how much radiation was released from Fukushima, how can we determine if there is a risk to other countries? It is estimated that the radiation from Japan will reach the west coast of North America in five years. It will be less than the radiation at Fukushima, but will it be low enough to truly be safe or should we be concerned?

Laguna Beach

How can you protect yourself from radiation?

Control stress – studies have shown that stress after a nuclear disaster may lead to more problems than the radiation itself. Worrying isn’t good for your health, so stay positive.

Iodine – when your body is deficient in iodine, it wants to pick up the radioactive iodine in the environment, so ensuring adequate iodine intake can protect you. Instead of taking huge doses of potassium iodide that are recommended in a nuclear crisis (130mg), you can take 13mg daily to ensure you are not deficient. Dr. David Brownstein, an expert in the area, believes most Americans are deficient in iodine and that this is the optimal dose. There is some controversy with this dose, as the recommended daily allowance dose is only 0.13mg. It is best to discuss a plan with a healthcare professional, especially if you have thyroid issues.


Sea vegetables also provide iodine. Try kelp, nori, dulse, or kombu. You have to be careful with selection of these products however and ensure they do not contain radiation.

Spirulina, a blue-green algae, can protect from radiation. Chlorella, which is loaded with chlorophyll, will also help protect you.  Again, you want to make sure products were screened for radiation and contaminants.

Vitamin C is a great vitamin to help you detoxify.

Astaxanthin is a powerful free radical scavenger that helps protect you from the damaging effects of radiation. You can take 2mg daily – this takes a few weeks to build up in your body.

The crisis in Fukushima is still not under control. The reactors are not fully secured and temporary cooling pipes are unprotected meaning another explosion can take place. If there is another earthquake, the structures will most likely not be able to withstand it. Due to certain areas of intense radiation that are unapproachable, reinforcement repairs have not been completed.

How can you help? Sign this petition: www.appealforfukushima.com calling for an international effort to secure Fukushima’s nuclear plant. This problem affects more than one country and we need a team of nuclear experts to come together and find a solution to avoid a potentially catastrophic event!

Spread the word! Share this blog post and/or petition link with your friends and family so we can get enough signatures for the UN to take action!

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