Stress and Sitting on Your Butt!

This week’s blog post is written by Dr. Stephens – my best friend and favorite chiropractor!

Dr. Stephens and me at the Taj Mahal

We all suffer from stress; emotional, chemical, and physical types. $300 billion is spent annually related to job stress – absenteeism, lost productivity, employee turnover and direct medical costs.

These alarming numbers and facts have a lot of companies concerned and recently seated work desks are being traded for treadmills. A fascinating article in Mens Health outlines the reason why ( A few distressing facts are laid out in this article. The take home message is: being seated for the majority of the day is an independent risk factor for dying from a heart attack (54% increased risk was seen). That is independent of the amount of exercise you do out of the office. Scary thought! So keeping mobile is hugely important! Not just exercise in the gym but moving all day is the key. Taking frequent breaks, at least every hour, will help counteract the effects of staying seated all day.  Sitting is stressful – life is motion!

Dr. Stephens giving her stress talk at a lunch and learn at her chiropractic office

It has been proven that incorporating activity into your daily life routines (walking/biking to work, taking the stairs, parking further away from store entrances, etc.) will help you stick to your more active lifestyle more so than planning times to “workout.”

Besides staying active, which counters all of types of stress, you can also specifically deal with physical stress with chiropractic care. It counters the tension, loss of joint motion, pain, and causes a relaxation effect which helps with elevated blood pressure and heart rate.

Now don’t forget about emotional and chemical stress factors as well. We could spend a lot of time going into types of relaxation techniques and breathing exercises but the root of the problem is repeated exposure to stress. So why not remove the stress? I know what you are all thinking, “Well guess I have to quit my job!” No, that is not what I am getting at. It is all about perception. Two people can be exposed to the exact same stressor and respond polar opposite. Try to see the positive in every situation and learn from everything. You will experience life differently. You only have one life so do what you love and love what you do! If you can’t say that, it’s time to reevaluate and find out what you need in your life to be able to make that statement!

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