Dairy Free for Me!

I have decided to trial going dairy-free!  Even though I love cheese, dairy products are not necessarily that good for you and many people have intolerances.  Dairy products may actually increase bone fractures and cancer.  Calcium can easily be obtained from other sources in the diet such as dark leafy greens.  Read my dairy blog done in January for more details on the dangers of dairy.  There was a time in my life where I completely avoided milk because I didn’t tolerate it well.  Lately, I haven’t had any issues with tolerating dairy products; however, wonder how I would feel without them.  I will try it for at least a month and assess how I feel as I blog about it along the way!

Having hidden food intolerances can cause inflammation.  When you have inflammation in your body, your body does not want to let go of excess weight.  Part of my trail will be seeing if eliminating dairy will result in me losing any weight.

Your skin is the last part of your body to receive nutrition, so if you have gleaming, healthy skin, it is a sign of great nutrition.  I eat many vegetables and feel that my skin looks somewhat healthy, however, I still have issues with acne and am not quite sure why.  I have read about giving up dairy really clearing up people’s skin so I thought I would give it a try!  The reason dairy products can cause acne has to do with hormones in milk products.  If you choose organic milk you can avoid the genetically modified bovine growth hormone injected into cows, but there are still natural hormones from the cow which can aggravate acne.  Food intolerances can also cause or contribute to acne.

If I feel great, get clearer skin, and/or lose some weight, I will most likely stay dairy-free.  I will jot down some of my thoughts and observations along the way.  Follow me in my experiment!  Tonight’s dairy free dinner consisted of buckwheat noodles, raw veggies, and a spicy/nutty sauce.

Making sauce of coconut milk, sesame seed butter, garlic powder, cayenne pepper, paprika, sea salt, lemon juice, and a touch of maple syrup

Throw it all together and you get a fast, easy, healthy dinner!

5 thoughts on “Dairy Free for Me!

    • That’s what I thought. At first it was very frustrating and I felt emotional about it. But then all of a sudden, I didn’t care that I wasn’t eating cheese. It was almost like I went through a withdrawal period! I will be posting about those details soon =) Thanks for the comment!

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