Seasonal Eating

This week we said farewell to winter and root vegetables!  We said our goodbyes with a final dinner of roasted root vegetable burritos.  Made by simply roasting root vegetables of your choice in the oven with oil and spices you love.  I also roasted a bit of bacon with my vegetables.  The burritos were then rolled up with a spelt tortilla.  Since I am currently trialing a dairy-free diet (I will blog about my results with that!), I added dairy free cheese to mine instead of the usual goat cheese I would use.

My vegetables consisted of carrots, shallots, beets, turnips, and Japanese sweet potatoes

I only use organic nitrate-free bacon!

mmmm roasted bacon – a special treat I decided I deserved for cutting out dairy

“Fake” cheese – definitely an acquired taste!

Last night for dinner, we welcomed spring with some local asparagus from the food co-op!  Paired with some potatoes, hollandaise sauce (made with coconut milk), and baked chicken with some healthy spices such as turmeric.

I am looking forward to wonderful spring/summer flavors such as arugula, fiddlehead ferns, peas, broccoli, chard, fava beans, parsley, radishes, spinach, and blueberries!  Not only will I be doing spring cleaning around the house, but will also be cleansing my body with clean eating to aid in the process of removing toxins!

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