7 Tips for Staying Healthy On Vacation

Ever find yourself having a hard time sticking to your health regimens while on vacation?  Try these simple tips to help keep you on your path.

Yummy portable snacks

Pack snacks.  You want to bring healthy snacks to munch on in between meals and when healthy food can’t be found. This will also help save money on your travels.  If you have a long layover and can’t find healthy food at the airport, these snacks can come in handy.  Airport food is usually quite pricey as well so this will help in travel costs.  I also like to bring a vitamin mix with me so I can make vitamin drinks every day.  For my latest trip to Hawaii, I packed walnuts, raisins, pumpkin seeds, granola, and coconut water.

Progressive place at Chicago O’Hare airport

Research beforehand.  If you know you have a long layover, you can look into what restaurants are available in the airport you will be at and plan to go to a place that has healthy options.  Or choose to just eat your own healthy snacks.  Finding healthy affordable food in an airport is tricky, but it can be done.  Do a quick online search of healthy/local/organic restaurants in the area you will be staying and try some of those options.  It seems like whenever I travel out of Kalamazoo, I am presently surprised by organic options in other cities.

Local papers are a great way to find healthy places to eat

A nice vegan place by Laguna Beach, California

Mahimahi and wild boar, along with banana, sweet potato, and poi at a WONDERFUL restaurant called Mama’s Fish House in Maui

Stick to the basics.  You want to experience the local cuisine of the place you are traveling to. Sticking with local foods is great for your health.  Stay with whole foods whenever possible and you can enjoy local cuisine in a healthy way.  It’s okay to splurge and try things you wouldn’t normally eat in order to fully participate in the culture, but the less processed the better.

Small organic fruit and veggie stand on the road to Hana in Maui, Hawaii

Stay hydrated.  It’s important to remember to drink your fluids while traveling – especially if you will be drinking more alcohol than usual.  Staying adequately hydrated will help you feel fuller and eat less as well.

Maui, Hawaii

Exercise!  Try to get your exercise in by trying exciting new things in a new location.  You may be doing quite a bit of relaxing on your vacation which can lead to more lying around than usual so try to incorporate activity in little ways everyday.  Walk to your car instead of using valet, take the stairs instead of the elevator, and walk to shops that are nearby instead of driving.  Trying some adventurous activities while on vacation can be fun and healthy.  Some ideas are hiking, surfing, swimming, winter sports, and volleyball – anything active that you may not otherwise try if you were at home.  You just may be amazed with your experience at this new location!

Protect yourself from the sun.  Vitamin D is great for you but don’t overdo sun exposure and get burned.  Stay away from chemical sunscreens and instead use natural sunscreens which contain ingredients such as titanium dioxide which is a physical barrier from the sun.  Also use barriers such as hats, sunglasses, and long sleeves.

Disconnect.  You are on vacation!  This is the time to unwind and leave your stresses at home.  Use vacations as an opportunity to get closer to nature and explore cultures different from your own.  Put your technology away, or at least severely limit it, so you can really take in the environment around you.

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