Hungry for Change

It’s the new documentary by the makers of Food Matters (a favorite of mine!).  I recently watched it and loved it!  So I felt inspired to share some points from the documentary for those of you who have not yet seen it.  Here goes…

Our bodies are programed for feast or famine.  So when we taste fats and sugars we are programmed to like those tastes in order to fatten us up and prepare us for the famine.  Our body is programmed for this, food is an actual addiction.  The problem is, these days, there is no famine!  So we just keep packing on pounds.  And if you feast on fats and sugars only, you are getting calories, but no NUTRIENTS that your body needs.

MSG was discussed.  Similar to the points I made on my blog about MSG, it was mentioned that MSG makes you want to eat more and overexcites your brain.  It is well known in the science world that MSG makes you overweight.  When scientists need to do studies on obese mice, they make them obese by feeding them MSG!

Another blog topic of mine, aspartame, was discussed.  It was explained that diet soda makes you feel good because of the combination of aspartame and caffeine.  Pilots know that aspartame can cause vision problems and avoid diet drinks in order to keep their vision sharp.  Diet sodas are also linked to weight gain since they cause carb cravings.  The phosphoric acid in sodas decreases bone mineral density which is especially dangerous for growing adolescents.

The documentary also discussed that fat free usually means high carbs and sugar which actually leads to fat!  Insulin is the fat producing hormone!  Fat fills you up, so low fat diets tend to leave people constantly hungry.  When people say they are cutting back on sugar, it is important to remember that carbs are sugar too.  If you are cutting back on sweets but piling on the bread, you are not really cutting back on sugar.  Check out my blog on healthy fats at

When people go on a diet, they tend to tell themselves “I CAN’T have it” which is setting them up for failure.  A more productive way to look at it is “I CAN have it, but I don’t WANT it.”  Don’t concentrate on taking things out of your diet, concentrate on all the good wholesome nutritious foods you want to add to your diet, and soon you won’t have any room left for the bad stuff – and you won’t miss it because you will be feeling so great.

Remember the motto better living through working with nature (not through working with chemistry).  75,000 chemicals have been put into the market since 1940 – is that really necessary?  Your body tries to protect you from these toxins by doing certain things such as making mucous or retaining or generating fat to protect you.  If you don’t get rid of the toxins in your life, your body will not let you burn the fat!

So what is the best way to detox?  You don’t have to do anything too crazy, your body will want to detox naturally if you take care of it.  Green vegetables are important for detoxifying due to chlorophyll.  Gelatinous foods such as chia seeds and aloe vera clean you out and help absorb bile salts from the liver.  Parsley cleanses the blood supply and cilantro binds heavy metals.

Your health has to do with “what you eat, drink, and think.”  “It’s not just what you’re eating, but what’s eating you.”  (Kris Carr)

Every time you experience stress, chemical changes occur in your body.  Your body recognizes these chemical changes, but cannot differentiate mental or emotional stress from any other type of stress.  So to your body, this stress is the same stress created by famine and it wants to store fat to protect you.  How do we metabolize these stress hormones (such as cortisol and epinephrine)?  Sleep metabolizes them.  In fact, if you are stressed, and only sleep 3-4 hours, you can gain 2 pounds just from that!  Exercise is another way to metabolize these hormones.

Love yourself!  There is hardcore science proving that this can improve certain conditions.  Post a note on your mirror that states “I accept myself unconditionally right now” and repeat it every morning.  Maybe you won’t completely believe it at first, but give it 28 days and you won’t be able to help but believe what you are telling yourself.

Hope you enjoyed these tips from Hungry for Change and just maybe you will be motivated to try something new that guides you on a journey to a healthier you!

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