Organic on a Budget

Now that we have established that organic eating is important and that you really can’t afford to NOT eat healthy local and/or organic food, let’s talk about how to reduce actual costs.

Health food market in Sedona, AZ

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Local and Organic

One of the biggest barriers to organic eating that I hear over and over is cost.  But you must ask yourself – if the mainstream food supply is POISONING you – can you really afford to NOT eat organic?!  I heard a statistic somewhere that Americans spend the least amount of their paycheck on food (compared to other developed countries) and the most on healthcare compared to any other country.  That pretty much sums it up – eat unhealthy cheap food now and you will pay for it later in health care bills!  Continue reading

Genetically Modified Foods

What is a genetically modified organism, or GMO?  Genetically modified food is made by forcing genes from one species (bacteria, virus, animals, or humans) into the DNA of crops or animals in order to introduce a new trait.  GMOs are usually engineered to withstand herbicides and/or to produce an insecticide. Continue reading

Artificial Sweeteners

Whenever things say ‘diet’ or ‘sugar-free’ there is a pretty good chance there are artificial sweeteners added instead of sugar.  Personally, I would rather eat something that has real sugar, just less of it, than products with chemicals added to make things taste sweet.  Here’s a breakdown of different sweeteners and why I choose to avoid them. Continue reading