This next blog is written by Dr. Lindsay Stephens, a chiropractor that also happens to be my best friend!  We have known each other since our middle school dance classes and have traveled the world together.

Dr. Stephens earned a degree at Florida Atlantic University in Exercise Science and Health Promotion before moving to California to pursue her dream of becoming a chiropractor.  She is a Phi Tau Delta graduate of Palmer West and is very active in sporting events through the Sports Council.  Lindsay completed her internship at the Presidents Hospital (National Naval Medical Center) in Washington DC.  She now practices at Sportsplus Santa Clara.

We collaborate together when I want to make sure I’m not missing something on a person who asks me for health advice.  She turns to me when she has a patient that has questions about nutrition, medication, or alternative health – we make a great team!  Today she will discuss fatigue – here are 7 tips to beat it!

Lethargy, also known as fatigue, is a common complaint among the American population. Contrary to popular belief, the solution to this problem is not always more sleep! Bad sleep habits, poor quality of sleep, and too much sleep are also contributing factors.  However, such a simple problem can sometimes be an early manifestation of other conditions.  Some common causes of fatigue are anemia, hypothyroidism, depression, neurological disorders, poor nutrition and several others.  So what should you do?  Fortunately, in most cases, fatigue is related to poor sleep and nutritional habits. Here are some key steps to countering that fatigue (not related to a specific condition).

  1. Stay active! Spending a minimum of 30 minutes a day doing some kind of cardiovascular activity will help regulate your hormones and decrease the stress hormones which are big factors in poor sleep! And bonus! You will also lose weight!
  2. Get outside during the day! The fresh air and light will stimulate hormones that regulate you sleep/wake cycles which will help get you back on the right schedule.
  3. Have quiet time before bed. Allowing time to process the day and decrease the stimulation to the brain will make it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep.
  4. Don’t eat or watch TV 30 min-1 hour before going to bed (especially in bed!!!). This will decrease brain and GI stimulation, allowing the body to slow its activity and again make it easier to fall asleep.
  5. Have a routine. The body works well on a routine. Going to bed and waking up with less than a 30 minute variation from day to day will allow the body to be more efficient.
  6. Explore your nutritional deficits…..stay tuned on Tinaspharm for details on good foods and supplements to improve health, which will also help with fatigue.
  7. If your fatigue doesn’t improve in a 2 week period seek medical attention for further evaluation.

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