No More Cancer Center!

My beta hcg level continued to stay at less than 1 for the sixth month in a row!  This means I have graduated from the cancer center!  Yay!  I got the green light from my gynecological oncologist to try to get pregnant again whenever we are ready.  And I hope to never have to step foot into the cancer center again!

It is such a sad place to be because I feel that patients are not given the whole truth when it comes to their cancer treatment options.  They are told to cut it out, burn it out, and kill it with medicines that are going to kill all of the healthy cells in your body as well and have nasty side effects.  I received methotrexate which is pretty benign when it comes to chemotherapy (it is also used for such things as rheumatoid arthritis) and my side effects were bad enough.  Running to the bathroom to vomit because it came on with no warning, feeling tired and weak, constant sore throat, mouth sores so horrible it hurt to drink water or talk.  I remember just wanting to come home so I could sit on the couch with a cold compress on my lips because they were so sore and swollen from my sores.  I also got thrush – a fungal infection in my mouth – since my immune system was so suppressed.  I really didn’t realize how horrible chemo made me feel until a few months later when I started to feel better and realized how lousy I had been feeling all that time.  All this from the most gentle chemo agent out there – imagine how horrible the other medications are!  And radiation isn’t any prettier.

No one is told about IV vitamin C therapy – how beneficial it is, how safe, cheap, and effective.  That it is common place to use it in Europe and there are many studies backing it up.  For some reason (hmmm, maybe because drug companies can’t make a shitload of money off it) it is looked down upon in the states.  Patients are told that natural therapies are not effective and even dangerous since they are not regulated by the FDA (who by the way, gets paid big bucks from drug companies, not natural health companies).

I see suffering cancer patients at the cancer center, eating their chocolate bars, drinking their artificial sweeteners, and having family members bring in McDonald’s for and I want to scream out STOP!!  You are killing yourself, you are giving the cancer something to feed off of!  Unfortunately, diet is not addressed by their doctors or nurses, so instead of building their immune system up, they are tearing it down with the foods they eat, and then given no chance when toxic chemotherapeutic agents are introduced into their bodies. They have many good-hearted volunteers at the cancer center that mean well, however, why are they pushing around a cart of snacks that are all processed and contain artificial flavoring and colorings?  I want to explain this to them, but how can I tell the little old volunteer lady that what she is doing is actually harming patients when she thinks she is doing something kind?  Why can’t the cancer center offer an organic juice bar instead?  It’s not like they don’t make enough money off all the ridiculously priced drugs.

It’s not that I wasn’t grateful for everything my doc did for me as she looked at me with her intense blue eyes, thrilled that she had the ability to cure me.  It was just that it bothered me that she truly believed that this was the only way to cure my gestational trophoblastic disease.  That the only way to cure cancers is to cut, burn, and kill your entire immune system.  That she is a product of the medical schools in our country who are tied into the FDA which is tied into drug companies – and they are taught that harsh chemo is the only way to go, natural products don’t work (and should be scoffed at) and nutrition is not important.

When we are ready to try again, there are some precautions we have to take.  I must have my placenta sent in to pathology after every baby I deliver to check for abnormal cells.  I must have my beta hcg levels monitored down to <1 after every pregnancy – normal pregnancy or not.  I should monitor my hcg levels early on in the pregnancy since sky-high hcg levels are a sign of a molar pregnancy.  And, I should have early ultrasounds done.  I have no problem with any of that except the early ultrasounds.  I had an ultrasound at ~10 weeks that was completely normal – baby was moving all around, heartbeat was perfect.  Then I came back at ~12 weeks and there was no longer a heartbeat.  There were no answers to why and there was no evidence from the ultrasound that this was a molar pregnancy.  She recommends an ultrasound at ~6 weeks.  My thought is, if they were not able to tell it was a molar pregnancy at 12 weeks, what would they be able to see at 6 weeks?  I know we are led to believe that ultrasounds are perfectly safe for the baby but I have come across studies that show a relationship with ultrasounds and hearing disorders in babies.  Maybe ultrasound frequencies are perfectly safe for adults, but can they affect babies when exposed to them as they are growing and developing during different stages in their life?  Fetuses are very delicate and I don’t see the need to bombard my unborn baby with tons of ultrasound frequencies when I don’t believe it will lead to any useful information.  Now that I have had one molar pregnancy, I am more at risk to experience another one (although it is still EXTREMELY rare).  If I were to experience this again, I would let the baby pass.  I think it is important for my body to know that my baby has died and eject the fetus on its own so that my hormones can do what they need to do to get back normal naturally.  I had issues after my D and C and was back in the ER with cramping/contractions and would avoid another surgery if at all possible.

We are going to wait until after our wedding next year before we try again, and before then, we are going to ensure that we are healthy and detoxified.  We are planning on removing our silver amalgams from our teeth (these are made of mercury and extremely toxic – will have to devote an entire blog to this in the future).  I will look into different detox strategies and try some new things out.  I will continue my healthy diet and soak up as much information as I can about making healthy lifestyle choices.

I have had many people ask me for help for their specific issues lately – from a brain tumor, to anxiety, to Lyme disease.  While I can come up with specific therapies that can help specific conditions, I have to stress how important it is to get your lifestyle healthy first.  Before you work on a specific problem, you need to work on your nutrition, limiting toxins, and exercise.  That is where I will focus my next few blogs – things that everybody can do to achieve better health.  You will be amazed at how health issues are improved when you make your entire body healthier – your body has the ability to heal itself!  Many diseases were caused by lifestyle issues – you can’t expect an easy one step cure-all in the form of a pill to solve a problem that has often taken years to develop.


8 thoughts on “No More Cancer Center!

  1. I completely agree not going the chemo route unless it is a last resort. I think the medical community should be ashamed for how it shuns natural medicine, and treating it like a death sentence for wanting less invasive treatment I’m not anti-medical but there is a time and place for medical intervention, natural health should be a part of the healing process in the medial world. Unfortunately big pharm has not only wrapped our doctors around its finger but our state laws as well. I don’t know if you are aware but in the state of North Carolina if you deliver your child with a midwife in your home you will be fined and possibly jailed. It is illegal to be a midwife in NC as it is to be a herbalist or a natural health physician. I’d rant more but nursing my son and typing one handed isn’t easy! 🙂 Love the blog!

    • I agree Michelle! I’m not anti-doctor, I think they are a product of the system, and it is the system that needs to change! There is definitely a time and place for medical interventions, but patients should be allowed to make that decision – and use natural medicine if and when they see fit – without being looked down upon. That’s really too bad that those things are not allowed in North Carolina – and this is supposed to be a free country? Really, what year are we living in?!

  2. Yay! I’m glad you got the green light to try again 🙂 I hope you can come visit me so that you can learn about all of the natural remedies they have available in S. Korea. Maybe, you will find the answers to some or all of your questions!

  3. congratulations on your recovery!

    i totally agree with you about the ridiculousness and harm with our culture of drugs, rejection of alternative therapies and how often doctors look at diet! it just DOESN’T MAKE SENSE

  4. Tina–I work in public health, and we see so many people who just can’t afford to eat right…unfortunately junk food and processed food is cheaper than fresh veggies and organic meat. What advice do you have for this segment of the population?

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